UPDATED: 2015 CIK-FIA Calendar finally released

Update released by the CIK on 21st November.

World KF & KFJ Championships

  • September 27th – La Conca (ITA)

World KZ Championship

  • September 13th – Le Mans (FRA)

European KF & KFJ Championship

  1. May 10th – Portimao (PRT)
  2. June 21st – PF International (GBR)
  3. July 26th – Kristianstad (SWE)

European KZ & KZ2 Championship

  1. April 19th – Sarno (ITA)
  2. May 24th – Zuera (ESP)
  3. July 12th – Genk (BEL)

Academy Trophy

  1. May 24th – Zuera (ESP)
  2. July 12th – Genk (BEL)
  3. September 13th – Le Mans (FRA)

International KZ2 Super Cup

  • September 13th – Le Mans (FRA)

European Superkart Championship

  • June 7th – Donington (GBR)
  • July 5th – Le Mans (FRA)
  • August 2nd – Assen (NLD)

Asia-Pacific KF Championship

  1. April 26th – Sugo (JPN)
  2. October 11th – Macau (MAC)

Asia-Pacific KF-Junior Championship

  • October 11th – Macau (MAC)

Asia-Pacific KZ Championship

  • October 11th – Macau (MAC)

2015 Formula Kart Stars dates announced

Formula Kart Stars have announced the provisional calendar for the 2015 Formula Kart Stars Championship.

The majority of rounds including the pre-season test will take place during the school holidays, so the racing does not affect the competitors’ studies.

A notable addition to the 2015 FKS calendar is Silverstone. This will be the first time FKS has raced at the legendary Northamptonshire circuit since 2006 and is sure to be one of the most coveted race wins of the year. Silverstone will be the third and fourth rounds of the FKS season, taking place on the weekend of the 5th June.

There will be one overseas trip in the 2015 FKS season, as the competitors and their teams will travel to Belgium to race in Genk on the weekend of the 24th July.

9th April – Initiation Day, Whilton Mill
10th April – Pre-Season Test, Whilton Mill

  1. 2nd May – Whilton Mill
  2. 3rd May – Whilton Mill
  3. 6th June – Silverstone
  4. 7th June – Silverstone
  5. 25th July – Genk
  6. 26th July – Genk
  7. 15th August – Three Sisters
  8. 16th August – Three Sisters
  9. 22nd August – Rowrah
  10. 23rd August – Rowrah
  11. 5th September – GYG
  12. 6th September – GYG

There will be an official test day on the Friday of each meeting.


Shenington SuperPrix and E Plate move to July

Shenington Kart Racing Club wish to announce that their annual 2015 SuperPrix and Historic Revival will move from its traditional date in June to 18th–19th July in 2015.

The club has been forced to change the date of the 15th running of the SuperPrix because of a clash with PF International’s European Championship round on the traditional June date.

The event is also the new MSA E Plate Championship for all the popular classes. Class winners will be able to display the new E for English Champion as their competition number which will be recognised by all kart clubs.

The SuperPrix offers televised coverage, splendid perpetual awards, music, a pig roast and salad and a bar along with the daily demonstrations of the British Historic Kart Club members restored karts, and the famous Karting Legends display. Full details and entry lists will soon be available on the club website.

According to MSA statistics between January and September, Shenington was the most popular MSA racing club in the UK. They will be attending the KartMania show at Silverstone with a special discount membership offer and details of their discounted Winter 100 championship over January, February and March.

Further details from secretary@sheningtonkrc.co.uk


Easykart Roundup No. 1



Press Releases from Easykart UK

Maximum entries for 2015

  • Cadet – 25
  • Junior – 25
  • Lights – 50
  • Masters – 25 or track maximum

Easykart Bambino for 2015

Easykart Bambino School indoor and outdoor – for young drivers 6yrs to 8yrs is coming to Easykart UK in 2015. To lodge your interest call the ACR office 01527 889595.

The latest Easykart UK news is posted on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/easykartuk.

2015 Dates

These are provisional until 1st February 2015.

Shakedown test at Whilton Mill – 14th February

  1. Shenington – 22nd March
  2. Three Sisters – 19th April
  3. Llandow – 10th May
  4. Rowrah – 31st May
  5. Clay Pigeon – 28th June
  6. Glan-Y-Gors – 19th July
  7. Whilton Mill – 6th September
  8. Buckmore Park – 27th September

X30 News Roundup No. 1


Press Releases

2015 Dates

Download our printable X30 calendar here

Super One – Qualifiers for X30 International Final

Rotax and X30 don’t appear at the same round until PFi, so drivers could potentially enter both classes and see which they are doing best in at the end of the year. X30 in S1 is still provisional pending approval by the MSA.

  1. 24th May – Llandow
  2. 12th July – Larkhall
  3. 13th September – Shenington
  4. 27th September – PFi

LGM X30 Tour

  1. 5th April – PFi
  2. 12th April – Kimbolton
  3. 17th May – Larkhall
  4. 31st May – Whilton Mill
  5. 19th July – Buckmore Park
  6. 30th August – Rowrah
  7. 31st August – Rowrah
  8. 20th September – Shenington
  9. 4th October – PFi

Cadet & Bambino News Roundup No. 2


Press Releases

LGM dates announced

  1. 5th April – PFi

  2. 12th April – Kimbolton

  3. 17th May – Larkhall

  4. 31st May – Whilton Mill

  5. 19th July – Buckmore Park

  6. 30th August – Rowrah

  7. 31st August – Rowrah

  8. 20th September – Shenington

  9. 4th October – PFi


Tal-Ko bans Paul Scothern and urges others to do likewise

Tal-Ko Racing, controllers of the Formula TKM classes, have completed their investigations into illegal modifications discovered being carried out on some TKM BT82 engines used within the class.

The results conclude that the work carried out to cylinder barrels and some pistons was carried out by Paul Scothern who operates from Little Tennis Street, Nottingham under the business name MRM Performance Engineering.

Mr Scothern has openly admitted to TKM chiefs Alan Turney and Grahame Butterworth that he carried out the illicit work, clearly not permitted under Formula TKM regulations.

Mr Scothern claims that all customers knew of the ‘procedure’ being carried out, however a number of those using illegally modified engines have categorically denied being told anything done was not permitted.

Mr Scothern was offered the chance to close the matter honourably by signing an agreement but he has taken the decision not to do so. So to bring the situation to a close Tal-Ko are carrying out the following:

  • Placing a lifetime ban on him from being served with any products from Tal-Ko.
  • Asking the Association of British Kart Clubs to make all members aware of the situation and look at banning him from circuits.
  • Asking the organisers of the Super One race series to not allow him any passes to allow admittance to their events.
  • Seeking the assurance of the British Kart Industry Association that they will not allow his membership.

Asking the Motor Sports Association to take note and take action.
Explained TKM Co-ordinator Grahame Butterworth:

“Thanks to some swift work all round by ourselves and scrutineers we are confident this has been stopped in its tracks and illegal engines identified. In 20 years of the TKM class this is the first time such action has been detected and action taken. We want everyone to see that we absolutely stand by our promise of providing fair and even racing.

“We are concerned that Mr Scothern saw nothing wrong in deliberate cheating and even promoted such on his business cards together with the promise of confidentiality. We promised to name the guilty party and we have done so.”

Tal-Ko are still offering free checks on any engine taken to the factory for inspection. And if illegally modified will provide replacement items at 40% off up until the end of January 2015.