Changes to the CIK-FIA Sporting Regulations

The CIK-FIA has made two changes to the Sporting Regulations, effective immediately.

Removal of the Super Pole in the CIK-FIA KZ World Championship.

Sporting Regulations – Running of the Championship
Section 26-c is deleted in its entirety, which means the removal of “Q2 Super Pole.”
Immediate application

Correction on the use of slick tyres during Free Practice.

The second provides a correction for the CIK-FIA World KF, KF-Junior and KZ Championship Sporting Regulations, and the CIK-FIA International Super Cup for KZ2. It is the deletion of a paragraph which is not applicable for the use of slick tyres during Free Practice when the Championships take place over a single Competition.
Maximum number of tyres dedicated to Free Practice and Warm-Ups
a) “Slick” Tyres
The paragraph on “all other CIK Competitions of the year” is deleted. Drivers will be able to use three sets of tyres for Free Practice.
Immediate application


Euro KF title for Callum Ilott

Callum Ilott (
Callum Ilott (

Despite coming into the event in 2nd place in the championship, Zanardi Strakka’s Callum Ilott was confident in the finals and held the lead after the early stages.


At the start Martijn Van Leeuwen (Zanardi / Parilla) had almost not got going and did not join the pack at the lights, then Karol Basz (Tony Kart / Vortex) went on the grass before the bridge and got away very behind.

In front, Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla) quickly went ahead of Nicklas Nielsen (Kosmic / Vortex), but then Pedro Hiltbrand (CRG / Parilla) took the lead. Mark Litchfield (Kosmic / TM) attacked for 2nd position in front of Ilott and Nielsen. Julien Darras (ART GP / TM) was 5th ahead of Lando Norris (FA Kart / Vortex), Tom Joyner (Zanardi / Parilla) and Paolo Besancenez (Tony Kart / TM). Gabriel Aubry (Tony Kart / Vortex) lost ground in 18th position and Felice Tiene (CRG / Parilla) was missing from the second lap onwards.

Ilott returned to the lead on lap 4 while Besancenez was now in 7th behind Joyner, and Jehan Daruvala (FA Kart / Vortex) passed Oliver Norris (FA Kart / Vortex). Darras took 4th, Besancenez 6th and Aubry emerged from a lively group in 15th position. Ilott, followed by his shadow Litchfield, distanced Nielsen by 1.5s. Lando Norris pushed to get back with the top three and Besancenez went 5th ahead of Joyner, Hiltbrand and Darras then Josh Price (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Niko Kari (Tony Kart / Vortex).

Ilott won without a problem from Litchfield and Nielsen, and the positions changed little during the last few laps. Basz had recovered to 16th.


The destination of the European title was still uncertain before the final, although Ilott was flying against the favourite Nielsen.

Nielsen attacked Ilott immediately on the first lap and Besancenez took the opportunity to take 2nd position briefly. Hiltbrand was 4th ahead of Lando Norris and Litchfield. Ilott took over control on lap 3, while the situation was changing fast behind Hiltbrand with Alessio Lorandi (Tony Kart / Parilla) 5th ahead of Litchfield, Aubry in 7th ahead of Joyner. Lando Norris was stuck in the pack in 11th position. Felice Tiene was not racing and Basz had retired. Ilott began to get away ahead of Nielsen and Hiltbrand passed Besancenez for 3rd place.

At the halfway point, the top three, Ilott, Nielsen and Hiltbrand, were about 0.5s apart, Lorandi passed Besancenez for 4th position and Litchfield came back strongly. Aubry was still 7th and held off Joyner. Lando Norris, the fastest on the track, was back in the top 10. Lap 14: Attack on Litchfield by Lorandi to gain 4th place. Then the gaps widened, especially for Hiltbrand who would soon be overtaken by Litchfield and Lorandi. Joyner then overtook Aubry and the threat from Norris was behind him. Lando took 7th with two laps to go ahead of Aubry and Joyner. Lorandi took 3rd place ahead of Hiltbrand and Litchfield then Lutchfiels took 4th on the line ahead of Hiltbrand, with Norris 6th, Besancenez 7th, Aubry 8th, Joyner 9th and Kari 10th.

The championship standings show Ilott as the winner ahead of Nielsen and Lando Norris.


Enaam Ahmed wins Euro KFJ at PFi

Enaam Ahmed (
Enaam Ahmed (

Enaam Ahmed has won the European KFJ Championship at PFi, keeping the title at RFM after Lando Norris’s 2013 win.


The KF Junior Prefinal started in the sun, but there was a collision at the entrance of the bridge that required the ‘Slow’ procedure and then the red flag, after only one lap had been completed. Sophia Floersch (FA Kart / Vortex) had mangled her kart and was taken away in the ambulance to have her ankle checked.

The new grid was identical to the original except for the drivers affected by the incident. Logan Sargeant (FA Kart / Vortex) managed to reach the gate by pushing his machine, but started from the last row. Floersch and Archie Tillett (CRG / TM) were missing.

The race resumed 20 minutes later, after the ambulance had left. David Beckmann (Tony Kart / Parilla) soon escaped ahead of a group of four including Benjamin Lessennes (Kosmic / Parilla), Rasmus Lindh (Praga / Parilla), Enaam Ahmed (FA Kart / Vortex) and Max Fewtrell (FA Kart / Vortex). Juan Correa (Energy / TM) dropped to 28th position and to Felipe Drugovich (Energy / TM) 32nd. Ahmed grabbed second position. Lessennes retired on the third lap and Rokas Baciuska (Energy / TM) fought with Lindh for 3rd position. Beckmann was still 0.5s ahead of Ahmed who was closing, while the lead group was ahead by over 2.5s.

Ahmed attacked Beckmann braking during the ninth of the 11 laps of the race. Mick Junior (Tony Kart / Vortex), up to fifth, threatened Lindh and passed before the last corner, followed by Max Fewtrell (FA Kart / Vortex). Ahmed won ahead of Beckmann, Bacisuka took 3rd position, Mick Junior finished 4th, Fewtrell 5th, Lindh 6th and Lorenzo Travisanutto (PCR / TM) 7th. There was a good recovery of 10 places for Alexander Vartanyan (Tony Kart / Vortex) and eight for Leonardo Lorandi (Tony Kart / Parilla) in 10th. Joshua Smith recovered no less than 19 places to 14th. Correa was 15th, Devlin Defrancesco (Tony Kart / Vortex) 19th.


Sophia Floersch didn’t participate in the KF-Junior final after her accident in the prefinal, but her tibia was ultimately not fractured.

Ahmed made an excellent start ahead of Beckmann but Mick Junior was already proving menacing in third position, followed by Fewtrell, Baciuska and Travisanutto. Defrancesco was 22nd and Sargeant was down in 31st. The trio were neck and neck, Ahmed took control of Beckmann followed by Mick Junior on lap 6. The title was currently between these three drivers. Daniel Ticktum (Zanardi / Parilla) 9th and Defrancesco 18th were no longer in the title hunt.

Vartanyan was up to 5th position in front of Lorandi and Correa. Ahmed took 2nd place then 1st at halfway. Vartanyan was the fastest, and Fewtrell was preparing to join the trio, while Correa got the better of Lorandi. There was a great run for Anton Haaga (Kosmic / LKE) in 13th position. Travisanutto attacked Lorandi for 7th place. Ahmed had a slight lead of 0.3s on Beckmann who was hounded by Mick Junior. An incident between the two drivers at the second hairpin dropped Junior to 9th. Vartanayan grabbed second position to the detriment of Beckmann with six laps to go. Correa took 5th ahead of Lorandi and Travisanutto who were still battling to get the better of Ticktum. With three laps to go, Vartanyan and Fewtrell overtook Beckmann who was now 4th.

The Championship positions were constantly changing behind Ahmed. Especially when Ticktum retired with two laps to go. Ahmed controlled his opponent to win both the race and the Championship. Vartanyan finished 2nd to Fewtrell, Correa 4th, Beckmann 5th, Lorandi 6th, Junior 7th, Pull 8th, Petrov 9th and Sargeant 10th with a gain of 13 places. The title would go to Ahmed ahead of Junior and Defrancesco.


European titles to be decided today at PFi

Later today we will know the outcome of the 2014 European KF and KFJ Championships, and after yesterday’s racing Callum Ilott is in pole position for both the race and the title in KF. Litchfield, Hodgson, Basz and Tiene could be race winners but none are title contenders. In KFJ there were four drivers who won two heats, but Germany’s David Beckmann is on pole.

The rain, which influenced Friday’s qualifying, was substituted by today’s sunshine. A gentle breeze made the temperature raise up to over 19 degrees. Today’s forecast is a peak of 19 degrees during the afternoon for the finals.

So, the twenty heats run on Saturday were in completely new conditions.

Ilott in pursuit of the KF title

Callum Ilott (WSK Press)

Callum Ilott (WSK Press)

Callum Ilott (Zarardi-Parilla) seems to stands the best chance to grab the title in this thrilling season finale. The Londoner won two heats on Saturday, while the Danish Nicklas Nielsen (Kosmic-Vortex), the current leader of the championship, won once after a positive streak of results within the first three positions. The two drivers, separated by only four points, will be on the front row in tomorrow’s Prefinal, with Ilott in pole position. The race to the victory is still very uncertain: Litchfield also managed to win twice. He will fill the third slot on the starting grid; next to him is the Polish Karol Basz (Tony Kart-Vortex). The latter won one of the heats, as did the British Lando Norris (FA Kart-Vortex) and Oliver Hodgson (Kosmic-™), the Indian Jehan Daruvala (FA Kart-Vortex) and the Italian Felice Tiene (CRG-Parilla).

Beckmann challenges Ahmed in KFJ.

David Beckmann (WSK Press)

David Beckmann (WSK Press)

In KF Junior, the German David Beckmann (Tony Kart-Parilla) aims at remaining the only opponent of the championship leader Enaam Ahmed (FA Kart-Vortex-Vega), in the race towards the European title. He won two of the ten heats. The final sprint is going to be tough: Ahmed replied winning two races as well, but a penalty in one of the other heats made him drop back to the fourth row of the grid in the Prefinal. Between the two main protagonists we find the Belgian Benjamin Lessennes (Kosmic-Parilla) and the American Juan Correa (Energy-TM): they both won two heats and, even though they are currently further from the top of the championship, they still stand a good chance. The same can be said for Max Fewtrell (FA Kart-Vortex-Vega), who won a heat, while the German Mick Junior (Tony Kart-Vortex-Vega), winner in one of the heats too, can still aim at the lead thanks to his fourth position in the drivers’ standing, 14 points behind Ahmed. The pole-sitter of the Prefinal is Beckmann, with Lessennes in second position. Second row for the Swedish Rasmus Lindh (Praga-Parilla) and the Brazilian Felipe Drugovich (Kosmic-Vortex). Daniel Ticktum (Zanardi-Parilla) and the American Devlin Defrancesco (Tony Kart-Vortex), Ahmed’s closest pursuers in the championship, are a bit behind, and Defrancesco needed to go through the repechage.

Live web video stream

The WSK Promotion cameras are ready for the live streaming of the event. The broadcast will start at 11.00 am (local time) with the drivers’ parade. The live streaming will continue until the end of the finals. On Wednesday 3rd September, at 18.00, the delayed broadcast of the event will be on Rai Sport 2. On the same channel, on Friday 5th, the usual TV report will be broadcast with the recap of the whole weekend.


David Beckmann and Ollie Norris on pole after wet qualifying

As anticipated by the weather forecast, there was a persistent drizzle during qualifying for the European Championship.

David Beckmann (

David Beckmann (

Daniel Ticktum (Zanardi / Parilla) set the fastest time in the first KF-Junior session – 1:14.448s – only 0.08s ahead of Logan Sargeant (FA Kart / Vortex), Enaam Ahmed (FA Kart / Vortex) by 0.4s and Mick Junior (Tony Kart / Vortex), who was held up in traffic, by 0.7s. Presley Martono (Tony Kart / Parilla) took 5th place ahead of Leonardo Lorandi (Tony Kart / Parilla), Juan Correa (Energy / TM) 7th, Benjamin Lessennes (Kosmic / Parilla) 8th, Max Fewtrell (FA Kart / Vortex) 9th and Alexander Vartanyan (Tony Kart / Vortex), among the fastest in free practice in the dry, 10th.

The second session went out after KF when the rain had stopped, but despite the wind, the track was still wet. David Beckmann (Tony Kart / Parilla) dominated with 1:14.038s after fighting against Gabriel Sereia (Exprit / LKE) who was pipped at the post by another Brazilian, Felipe Drugovich (Kosmic / Vortex ) for second position. Rasmus Lindh (Praga / Parilla) finished fourth ahead of Rokas Baciuska (Energy / TM), Lorenzo Travisanutto (PCR / TM), who had started badly, 6th, and Archie Tillett (CRG / TM) 7th. Giuliano Alesi (Tony Kart / Parilla) moved into the top 10.

Overall, Beckmann was credited with the fastest time ahead of Drugovich, Ticktum, Sargeant and Sereia in the top five, Lindh was 6th, Ahmed 7th, Mick Junior 8th, Baciuska 9th and Travisanutto 10th. Lorandi took 12th position, Fewtrell 15th ahead of Vartanyan, then Haaga 22nd and Defrancesco 43rd.

Ollie Norris (

Ollie Norris (

The rain was stopping for the first KF session and the tyres gradually drove water from the line, even though the track was still wet. It was a new situation after free practice which took place mostly in the dry.

We will never know if Karol Basz (Tony Kart / Vortex) had the potential to take pole as he dropped out two laps from the end, but still retained third position while Ollie Norris (FA Kart / Vortex ) set the fastest time – 1:13.470s – ahead of Alessio Lorandi (Tony Kart / Parilla). Egor Stupenkov (Tony Kart / TM) finished 4th, Martijn Van Leeuwen (Zanardi / Parilla) 5th and Nicklas Nielsen (Kosmic / Vortex) 6th ahead of Nikita Mazepin (Tony Kart / Vortex) and Maxime Potty (Kosmic / Parilla).

There was a brief shower for the second session, but it didn’t unduly disrupt its progress. The times continued to come down and Julien Darras (ART GP / TM) took the fastest lap brilliantly on the last lap with 1:13.641s ahead of Oliver Hodgson (Kosmic / TM), John Norris (Mach1 / TM), Mark Litchfield (FA Kart / TM) and Callum Ilott (Zanardi / Parilla). Rotax specialist Josh Price (Tony Kart / Parilla) took 6th ahead of Tom Joyner (Zanardi / Parilla) and Gabriel Aubry (Tony Kart / Vortex) while Alexander Gadois (FA Kart / Parilla) finished 14th behind Felice Tiene (CRG / Parilla).

Pole position for the category went to Ollie Norris ahead of Alessio Lorandi and Julien Darras. Hodgson took 4th, John Norris 5th, Litchfield 6th, Ilott 7th, Basz 8th, Van Leeuwen 9th and Stupenkov 10th.


PF International Euro Champs timetable


The last round of the 2014 European Championship, decisive for the titles in KF and KF-Junior, will be held this weekend in England at the PF International circuit. Here is the provisional schedule. There has been free practice since 1100 this morning (Thursday).

Kartlink will be posting updates from tomorrow onwards in collaboration with Kartcom and we’ll be at PFi on Saturday and Sunday. To stay updated see the European Championship tag on Kartlink, our Facebook page and our Twitter feed (@kartlink).

Friday, August 29th

0855 – 1650: free practice (4×20 min)
1705: KF-Junior qualifying Series 1
1720: KF qualifying Series 1
1735: KF-Junior qualifying Series 2
1750: KF qualifying Series 2

Saturday, August 30th

0825 – 0940: warm-up
0945 – 1815: heats
1240: historic karts demonstration (20 mins)
1545: historic karts demonstration (30 mins)

Sunday, August 31st

8.55 – 10.10: warm-up
10.15 – 10.50: repechages
11.00 – 11.30: Driver parade
11.40 – 12.10: historic karts demonstration
12.15 – 12.35: KF-Junior prefinal
12.40 – 13.00: KF prefinal
14.00 – 14.20: historic karts demonstration
14.30 – 15.00: KF-Junior final and podium
15.20 – 15.55: KF final and podium


Is it time for a Rotax Clubman class?

This (as yet hypothetical) class is inspired by TKM Clubman, which is gradually becoming bigger than TKM Extreme in the class heartland of the Midlands.

It is prompted by seeing how far Rotax Max has moved from it’s roots as a class for the average enthusiast – Senior Max is basically in the position ICA was in 15 years ago.

Plenty of people will just say “get an X30” and I do think that is a great package, but there’s thousands upon thousands of Max engines floating about.

  • Any part can be used that has ever been approved for the class, provided that it wasn’t discontinued for safety reasons.
  • Hard Mojo tyres
  • No magnesium parts
  • Original carb rules – so people can compensate for a less good engine by setting their carb up well

I wouldn’t go as far as to ban torsion bars, caster, camber etc as Rotax Max has always used full CIK-style chassis.

Anyone else got any ideas?


SSM Super One Rotax & Honda Round 5, Shenington

Alex Quinn (Chris Walker/
Alex Quinn (Chris Walker/

It’s getting very tense amongst the drivers and teams at the top of the points standings with only one round after this. Every point possible is needed to count in these ABkC National Championships and a couple of appeals were heard against penalties, often for alleged blocking during the finals. Luckily the weather was good and dry, albeit rather cold for August.

Standing starts continue to be the norm in Super One but this time the Rotax karts were left stopped on the grid for a couple of minutes to let the clutches cool down.


Alex Quinn (Chris Walker/

Alex Quinn (Chris Walker/

The GP-plated Samuel Pooley had a great run from topping timed qualifying to sharing heat wins with Dean MacDonald and taking pole for the first final. MacDonald had clambered up from ninth in TQ.

And it was GP who led them off only for him to be shuffled back and forwards to fourth as Jordan Cane led, then briefly MacDonald before it settled into Alex Quinn and Pooley drawing clear. This was aided by MacDonald defending third from half-distance which earned him a five-place penalty and elevated Luke Wooder and Axel Charpentier. With a minute to go Pooley made his successful bid for the win at Café Corner, Quinn trying very hard in vain to retrieve the place.

For the second final Quinn was swift to pass Pooley as a few places behind MacDonald and Cane rubbed sidepods in the chicane splitting the pack. However Wooder in fifth was quickly reeled in by MacDonald as he stormed into the lead group. Another bit of rubbing had Charpentier and MacDonald delayed, leaving Quinn out ahead but again MacDonald’s pace brought him back to second after a trade with Pooley and rapidly eating into Quinn’s lead but not finding an opening.

“I led most of it then I was thinking of the championship but with two laps to go I had to defend. It’s been a good weekend,” observed Quinn. There was some disquiet from MacDonald’s Strawberry camp about the defence but in fairness Quinn had not received any warning flags whereas MacDonald had received at least one.

Results: Final 1 (22 laps) 1 Samuel Pooley GP (Tonykart) 16m 29.650s; 2 Alex Quinn 12 (Tonykart) +0.04s; 3 Luke Wooder 0 (Alonso); 4 Axel Charpentier 88 (Tonykart); 5 Sean Butcher 57 (Tonykart); 6 Rory Hudson (RL Racing Department).
Final 2 (22 laps) 1 Quinn 16m 29.260s; 2 Dean Macdonald 11 (Tonykart) +0.11s; 3 Thomas Turner 24 (Tonykart); 4 Pooley; 5 Charpentier; 6 Wooder.

Honda Cadet

Mark Kimber (Chris Walker/

Mark Kimber (Chris Walker/

There were enough entries for a repechage and two timed qualifying sessions, the first somewhat faster with Jenson Butterfield quickest over Mark Kimber and Tom Canning. Kimber won both his heats, Canning the other.

Kimber led all of the first final until the last lap when Canning sneaked past and held on for the win. The winner had leapfrogged Butterfield mid race to help push Kimber clear. Behind them Dragan Pinsent had taken Butterfield at the last hairpin but positions were reversed on the last lap, and further back Keaton Samra had an incident with Zak Rogers and Oliver Bearman.

As Canning led Butterfield away in the second final Myles Apps was involved in a three-kart incident at the first hairpin bringing out the quarter flags whilst he was checked out, but Apps managed to get back into his kart albeit a lap down. Kiern Jewiss vaulted into second after the restart with two swift moves on Kimber and Butterfield, the latter falling back. Jewiss was then hung out to dry, falling to fifth as Kimber and Canning forged ahead. A huge battle was taking place for third place, Jewiss, Butterfield and Thomas Pegram all involved with Alex Lloyd in the mix. Then in the chicane Pinsent clattered over the kerbs, maybe pushed, and took off Butterfield on his return to the track. Butterfield had a one lap penalty, Pegram and Zak Rogers had five place penalties. Kimber was in the driving seat and resisted all attempts by Canning to pass, saying: “I had to defend on the last lap, we both used our heads until then.” Pegram was third until his penalty which put up Keaton Samra, Lloyd and Jewiss.

Results: Final 1 (19 laps) 1 Tom Canning 7 (BRK) 16m 12.460s; 2 Mark Kimber GP (BRK) +0.030s; 3 Jenson Butterfield (BRK); 4 Dragan Pinsent 98 (Project One); 5 Kiern Jewiss (Tonykart); 6 Alex Lloyd 48 (Zip).
Final 2 (18 laps) 1 Kimber 16m 22.530s; 2 Canning +0.090s; 3 Keaton Samra 10 (Zip); 4 Lloyd; 5 Jewiss; 6 Ben Kasperczak 35 (CRG).

Junior Max

Tom Gamble (Chris Walker/

Tom Gamble (Chris Walker/

In the biggest class Sandy Mitchell was just quicker than a tying Dave Wooder and William Tregurtha and whilst Wooder won both his heats Harrison Thomas came up to win the other. Delays in sorting the penalties in the repechage delayed the next races, and after two of the top four were given penalties it was found those elevated had already taken their slicks out of parc ferme. Conor McPolin and Paul Stewart would not start (they could have used their wets) but will still get points for being on the grid, the repechage winner being Finlay Hutchison over Adam Durant. Missing altogether was Hugo Bentley Ellis who has apparently decided to give up on karting.

Wooder was almost immediately shuffled back from the lead of the first final in favour of Tom Gamble, who then succumbed to Lucas Vaus. Wooder stormed back to the lead and this time he held on until the chequer, defending hard for the last two or three laps and receiving two warnings. It made it difficult for Gamble to try for a win, and when he did Jack MacCarthy slipped into second. Tregurtha closed on the lead trio at the end and Thomas came out on top of his fight with Vaus.

Wooder was docked five places but won an appeal to be reinstated at the front of the second final. He initially looked to be having the pace to pull clear of the second place battle but once Fulk got to the front of that he towed them all up. Vaus was the big loser in that battle, falling to tenth. Fulk took Wooder at the first hairpin, then McCarthy sprung into the lead only to be hung out as Gamble took the lead in a three abreast manoeuvre round the hairpin. Wooder also lost out, falling to fifth. He snatched third from Josh Skelton at the last corner. Gamble defended the last two laps over Fulk for his first Super One win, saying: “I didn’t make the best of starts but got back through to the lead and just tried to keep Zak behind.”

Results: Final 1 (22 laps) 1 Dave Wooder 0 (Alonso) 15m 57.470s; 2 Jack McCarthy 81 (Tonykart) +0.15s; 3 Tom Gamble 23 (Tonykart); 4 William Tregurtha 71 (Tonykart); 5 Harrison Thomas 26 (Tonykart); 6 Lucas Vaus 15 (Tonykart).
Final 2 (22 laps) 1 Gamble 15m 54.850s; 2 Zak Fulk +0.07s; 3 Wooder; 4 Josh Skelton 43 (Tonykart); 5 Sam McKenzie 55 (Kosmic); 6 Tregurtha

Senior Max

Sam Marsh (Chris Walker/

Sam Marsh (Chris Walker/

Jack Bartholomew set the quickest timed run over Sam Marsh in the first group, and Pierce Lehane over Joseph Reilly in the other slower session. There were two wins for Marsh in the heats, and one for Bartholomew. As Bartholomew shot away leaving the others far behind, Jack Saffery was off and out at the first hairpin. Josh Collings, Lehane and Nathan Aston were all in the mix for second until Sam Marsh, Josh Price and Joe Reilly came to the fore. Lehane and Aston started a long slide down the order as Marsh and Price closed down on Bartholomew, forcing him to defend strongly. For that he received a five place penalty, unfortunate since he had led so well and so that elevated Marsh. Once the others had caught up Reilly took advantage to leap into third, which became second, over Price, Collings and Adam Glear. Sam Ward was excluded from the meeting for not obeying an instruction of an official.

As Price started to edge away in the second final Reilly had made a terrible start and fell to thirteenth. Once Glear had cleared Collings he hauled in and passed Price only for Marsh to storm through. With Price riding shotgun, Marsh held on for the win, saying: “It wasn’t really that hard as I saw Joe Reilly on Josh so I knew I would be alright.” In fact Reilly just pipped Price on the last lap and came within a whisker of the win, with Glear, Gary Donnelly and Collings ahead of Bartholomew who never really recovered from his forced sixth place start.

Results: Final 1 (23 laps) 1 Sam Marsh 19 (Alonso) 16m 19.460s; 2 Joseph Reilly 23 (Tonykart) +0.12s; 3 Josh Price 27 (Tonykart); 4 Josh Collings 10 (CRG); 5 Adam Glear 37 (Kosmic); 6 Jack Bartholomew GP (Tonykart).
Senior Rotax, Final 2 (23 laps) 1 Marsh 16m 13.850s; 2 Reilly +0.09s; 3 Price; 4 Glear; 5 Gary Donnelly 29 (Tonykart); 6 Collings