SSM Super One Rotax & Honda Round 5, Shenington

Alex Quinn (Chris Walker/
Alex Quinn (Chris Walker/

It’s getting very tense amongst the drivers and teams at the top of the points standings with only one round after this. Every point possible is needed to count in these ABkC National Championships and a couple of appeals were heard against penalties, often for alleged blocking during the finals. Luckily the weather was good and dry, albeit rather cold for August.

Standing starts continue to be the norm in Super One but this time the Rotax karts were left stopped on the grid for a couple of minutes to let the clutches cool down.


Alex Quinn (Chris Walker/

Alex Quinn (Chris Walker/

The GP-plated Samuel Pooley had a great run from topping timed qualifying to sharing heat wins with Dean MacDonald and taking pole for the first final. MacDonald had clambered up from ninth in TQ.

And it was GP who led them off only for him to be shuffled back and forwards to fourth as Jordan Cane led, then briefly MacDonald before it settled into Alex Quinn and Pooley drawing clear. This was aided by MacDonald defending third from half-distance which earned him a five-place penalty and elevated Luke Wooder and Axel Charpentier. With a minute to go Pooley made his successful bid for the win at Café Corner, Quinn trying very hard in vain to retrieve the place.

For the second final Quinn was swift to pass Pooley as a few places behind MacDonald and Cane rubbed sidepods in the chicane splitting the pack. However Wooder in fifth was quickly reeled in by MacDonald as he stormed into the lead group. Another bit of rubbing had Charpentier and MacDonald delayed, leaving Quinn out ahead but again MacDonald’s pace brought him back to second after a trade with Pooley and rapidly eating into Quinn’s lead but not finding an opening.

“I led most of it then I was thinking of the championship but with two laps to go I had to defend. It’s been a good weekend,” observed Quinn. There was some disquiet from MacDonald’s Strawberry camp about the defence but in fairness Quinn had not received any warning flags whereas MacDonald had received at least one.

Results: Final 1 (22 laps) 1 Samuel Pooley GP (Tonykart) 16m 29.650s; 2 Alex Quinn 12 (Tonykart) +0.04s; 3 Luke Wooder 0 (Alonso); 4 Axel Charpentier 88 (Tonykart); 5 Sean Butcher 57 (Tonykart); 6 Rory Hudson (RL Racing Department).
Final 2 (22 laps) 1 Quinn 16m 29.260s; 2 Dean Macdonald 11 (Tonykart) +0.11s; 3 Thomas Turner 24 (Tonykart); 4 Pooley; 5 Charpentier; 6 Wooder.

Honda Cadet

Mark Kimber (Chris Walker/

Mark Kimber (Chris Walker/

There were enough entries for a repechage and two timed qualifying sessions, the first somewhat faster with Jenson Butterfield quickest over Mark Kimber and Tom Canning. Kimber won both his heats, Canning the other.

Kimber led all of the first final until the last lap when Canning sneaked past and held on for the win. The winner had leapfrogged Butterfield mid race to help push Kimber clear. Behind them Dragan Pinsent had taken Butterfield at the last hairpin but positions were reversed on the last lap, and further back Keaton Samra had an incident with Zak Rogers and Oliver Bearman.

As Canning led Butterfield away in the second final Myles Apps was involved in a three-kart incident at the first hairpin bringing out the quarter flags whilst he was checked out, but Apps managed to get back into his kart albeit a lap down. Kiern Jewiss vaulted into second after the restart with two swift moves on Kimber and Butterfield, the latter falling back. Jewiss was then hung out to dry, falling to fifth as Kimber and Canning forged ahead. A huge battle was taking place for third place, Jewiss, Butterfield and Thomas Pegram all involved with Alex Lloyd in the mix. Then in the chicane Pinsent clattered over the kerbs, maybe pushed, and took off Butterfield on his return to the track. Butterfield had a one lap penalty, Pegram and Zak Rogers had five place penalties. Kimber was in the driving seat and resisted all attempts by Canning to pass, saying: “I had to defend on the last lap, we both used our heads until then.” Pegram was third until his penalty which put up Keaton Samra, Lloyd and Jewiss.

Results: Final 1 (19 laps) 1 Tom Canning 7 (BRK) 16m 12.460s; 2 Mark Kimber GP (BRK) +0.030s; 3 Jenson Butterfield (BRK); 4 Dragan Pinsent 98 (Project One); 5 Kiern Jewiss (Tonykart); 6 Alex Lloyd 48 (Zip).
Final 2 (18 laps) 1 Kimber 16m 22.530s; 2 Canning +0.090s; 3 Keaton Samra 10 (Zip); 4 Lloyd; 5 Jewiss; 6 Ben Kasperczak 35 (CRG).

Junior Max

Tom Gamble (Chris Walker/

Tom Gamble (Chris Walker/

In the biggest class Sandy Mitchell was just quicker than a tying Dave Wooder and William Tregurtha and whilst Wooder won both his heats Harrison Thomas came up to win the other. Delays in sorting the penalties in the repechage delayed the next races, and after two of the top four were given penalties it was found those elevated had already taken their slicks out of parc ferme. Conor McPolin and Paul Stewart would not start (they could have used their wets) but will still get points for being on the grid, the repechage winner being Finlay Hutchison over Adam Durant. Missing altogether was Hugo Bentley Ellis who has apparently decided to give up on karting.

Wooder was almost immediately shuffled back from the lead of the first final in favour of Tom Gamble, who then succumbed to Lucas Vaus. Wooder stormed back to the lead and this time he held on until the chequer, defending hard for the last two or three laps and receiving two warnings. It made it difficult for Gamble to try for a win, and when he did Jack MacCarthy slipped into second. Tregurtha closed on the lead trio at the end and Thomas came out on top of his fight with Vaus.

Wooder was docked five places but won an appeal to be reinstated at the front of the second final. He initially looked to be having the pace to pull clear of the second place battle but once Fulk got to the front of that he towed them all up. Vaus was the big loser in that battle, falling to tenth. Fulk took Wooder at the first hairpin, then McCarthy sprung into the lead only to be hung out as Gamble took the lead in a three abreast manoeuvre round the hairpin. Wooder also lost out, falling to fifth. He snatched third from Josh Skelton at the last corner. Gamble defended the last two laps over Fulk for his first Super One win, saying: “I didn’t make the best of starts but got back through to the lead and just tried to keep Zak behind.”

Results: Final 1 (22 laps) 1 Dave Wooder 0 (Alonso) 15m 57.470s; 2 Jack McCarthy 81 (Tonykart) +0.15s; 3 Tom Gamble 23 (Tonykart); 4 William Tregurtha 71 (Tonykart); 5 Harrison Thomas 26 (Tonykart); 6 Lucas Vaus 15 (Tonykart).
Final 2 (22 laps) 1 Gamble 15m 54.850s; 2 Zak Fulk +0.07s; 3 Wooder; 4 Josh Skelton 43 (Tonykart); 5 Sam McKenzie 55 (Kosmic); 6 Tregurtha

Senior Max

Sam Marsh (Chris Walker/

Sam Marsh (Chris Walker/

Jack Bartholomew set the quickest timed run over Sam Marsh in the first group, and Pierce Lehane over Joseph Reilly in the other slower session. There were two wins for Marsh in the heats, and one for Bartholomew. As Bartholomew shot away leaving the others far behind, Jack Saffery was off and out at the first hairpin. Josh Collings, Lehane and Nathan Aston were all in the mix for second until Sam Marsh, Josh Price and Joe Reilly came to the fore. Lehane and Aston started a long slide down the order as Marsh and Price closed down on Bartholomew, forcing him to defend strongly. For that he received a five place penalty, unfortunate since he had led so well and so that elevated Marsh. Once the others had caught up Reilly took advantage to leap into third, which became second, over Price, Collings and Adam Glear. Sam Ward was excluded from the meeting for not obeying an instruction of an official.

As Price started to edge away in the second final Reilly had made a terrible start and fell to thirteenth. Once Glear had cleared Collings he hauled in and passed Price only for Marsh to storm through. With Price riding shotgun, Marsh held on for the win, saying: “It wasn’t really that hard as I saw Joe Reilly on Josh so I knew I would be alright.” In fact Reilly just pipped Price on the last lap and came within a whisker of the win, with Glear, Gary Donnelly and Collings ahead of Bartholomew who never really recovered from his forced sixth place start.

Results: Final 1 (23 laps) 1 Sam Marsh 19 (Alonso) 16m 19.460s; 2 Joseph Reilly 23 (Tonykart) +0.12s; 3 Josh Price 27 (Tonykart); 4 Josh Collings 10 (CRG); 5 Adam Glear 37 (Kosmic); 6 Jack Bartholomew GP (Tonykart).
Senior Rotax, Final 2 (23 laps) 1 Marsh 16m 13.850s; 2 Reilly +0.09s; 3 Price; 4 Glear; 5 Gary Donnelly 29 (Tonykart); 6 Collings


RACE REPORT: SSM Super One MSA Series Round 5, Little Rissington

Henry Easthope (Chris Walker/
Henry Easthope (Chris Walker/

Super One returned to the classic Cotswold venue of Little Rissington for the first time since 2003 and enjoyed a superb weekend of racing at the flat but beautiful airbase that was once the home of the world famous Red Arrows display team. This was the final round for KZ1, the penultimate round for the other classes.

MSA Cadet British Championship

Tom Wood (Chris Walker/

Tom Wood (Chris Walker/

The results of the second final will remain provisional until the start of the final round at PF International following the conclusion of Teddy Wilson’s appeal against his exclusion to the Super One Stewards.

A day before the controversy began, O Plate champion Jonny Edgar claimed pole position for the heats, outpacing Wilson, Zachary Robertson, Tom Wood and Brandon Martland in qualifying whilst Kiern Jewiss was languishing well down the order. Wilson won heat one by two tenths of a second from Edgar but Edgar struck back in heat two, edging out Robertson by a wheel-length with Wilson some way back in third.

Wilson and Edgar broke away from the rest in Sunday’s first final with Edgar pushing his teammate all the way. Wood tried to break away from a furious multi kart scrap for third but couldn’t quite catch the leaders and as the race reached its conclusion Wilson was able to pull out a small gap on Edgar to take the victory.

Wilson led away again in the second final as Robertson snatched second from Edgar. Finlay Bunce was one of the karts in a tangle at the start. As Edgar dropped back into the pack Robertson stormed up from seventh on the grid and he and Wilson powered away at the front. Wilson continued to lead until the start of the final lap when Robertson dived to the inside going into turn one. Wilson fought back at Top Bend but as the pair headed on to the back straight side by side there was contact. Robertson spun while Wilson sailed through the air but managed to stay pointing in the right direction to take the chequered flag in first but was given a one lap penalty. However he is appealing the decision. Should Wilson’s appeal be unsuccessful Wood will be classified as the winner from Alex McDade and Owen Byatt. Jewiss was out of the top ten in both finals with a score he will hope to drop for the final standings, falling from first to third in the provisional standings.

MSA Cadet, final 1 (20 laps) 1 Teddy Wilson (Synergy) 16m 24.000s; 2 Jonny Edgar (Synergy) +1.520s; 3 Tom Wood (Zip); 4 Alex McDade (Zip); 5 Owen Byatt (Synergy); 6 Owen Marlow (Zip).

MSA Cadet, final 2 (20 laps) PROVISIONAL 1 Wood 16m 25.380s; 2 McDade +0.010s; 3 Byatt; 4 Edgar; 5 Fin Kenneally (Zip); 6 Dexter Patterson (Zip).

Junior TKM ABkC National Championship

Ethan Pitt (Chris Walker/

Ethan Pitt (Chris Walker/

Fresh from his TKM Festival victory Dino Lee swept to pole position by two hundredths of a second over points leader Alex Forward and after a great five kart scrap Lee also took the win in Saturday’s opening heat.

But there were major problems just behind Lee as Kyle Hornby, the driver in control of the championship standings was excluded from the entire meeting when it was discovered he had a modified piston after he finished a close second to Lee. Hornby’s disqualification handed Matthew Graham and Matthew Round-Garrido second and third with Ethan Pitt a strong fourth and Forward only sixth.

Graham took the honours in a similarly close second heat with Round-Garrido and Forward both within half a second of the winner when the flag fell.

Sunday’s first final got better and better the longer the race went on as Graham and Round-Garrido traded the lead numerous times. This all let a number of other drivers closer and closer to the lead duo until, with a handful of laps remaining, nearly a dozen karts looked to be in contention.

Graham eventually got muscled back into the thick of the pack as Round-Garrido held off a late challenge from Lee to take the win with Pitt, Forward and an inspired Susanne Gutzold rounding out the top five.

Pitt pulled off one of the best passing moves of the entire season to take his first Super One victory in the second final, calmly sweeping around the outside of the last corner to beat the points leader to the line by two hundredths of a second. Behind the overjoyed Pitt there were several issues in deciding the third place finisher. Lee initially took the spot but was excluded for overtaking under yellow flags which then promoted Round-Garrido. However Round-Garrido was also penalised five places which then elevated Joseph Reeves-Smith to a delighted third. This all means any one of five drivers could take the title at PF International on 13/14th September.

Junior TKM, final 1 (24 laps) 1 Matthew Round-Garrido (Jade) 15m 57.100s; 2 Dino Lee (Tonykart) +0.06s; 3 Ethan Pitt (Jade); 4 Alex Forward (Tonykart); 5 Susanne Gutzold (Tonykart); 6 Anderson Chilcott (Jade).

Junior TKM, final 2 (22 laps) 1 Pitt 15m 55.500s; 2 Forward +0.02s; 3 Joseph Reeves-Smith (Jade); 4 Gutzold; 5 Matthew Graham (Jade); 6 Chilcott.

Formula KGP Super One Championship

Oliver Hodgson (Chris Walker/

Oliver Hodgson (Chris Walker/

Only a slender victory in Saturday’s opening heat race for Mark Litchfield prevented a total weekend clean sweep for Oliver Hodgson although Litchfield did take another step towards securing his second title in succession with a consistent weekend.

Hodgson’s dominance began in timed qualifying and although Litchfield took the chequered flag first in heat one Hodgson was only inches behind. Litchfield’s only remaining title rival Bobby Game clawed his way into second spot at Litchfield’s expense in Saturday’s last heat with Hodgson more than one second up the road.

Hodsgon had a new threat in Sunday’s first final in the form of Matt Davies, who pushed Hodsgon every step of the way as Litchfield and Game scrapped over third. Sadly Davies failed the post race weight check and was excluded, handing second to Litchfield.

Hodgson and Litchfield broke away from the rest in the second final but Litchfield couldn’t find a way past his teammate, who led every lap to complete the weekend double. Although the defending champion could close up on the slow corners, no passing opportunities were offered. More than five seconds behind the two leaders Davies staged a fantastic fight back from the back of the grid to pass Game for third.

Formula KGP, final 1 (24 laps) 1 Oliver Hodgson (Kosmic) 16m 17.220s; 2 Mark Litchfield (Kosmic) +2.04s; 3 Bobby Game (Alonso); 4 Dan Stocks (Tonykart); 5 Daniel Baybutt (Jade); 6 Jack New (Tonykart).

Formula KGP, final 2 (24 laps) 1 Hodgson 16m 16.760s; 2 Litchfield +0.27s; 3 Matt Davies (Tonykart); 4 Game; 5 Stocks; 6 Jamie Flynn (Alonso)

TKM Extreme ABkC National Championship

James Ogden (Chris Walker/

James Ogden (Chris Walker/

Matthew Allnutt enjoyed a breakout weekend at Little Rissington but it was James Ogden who left the circuit on Sunday evening feeling happiest of all as he extended his championship advantage.

Allnutt went fastest of all in qualifying with Ogden and Tom Owen next fastest and those three finished heat one in the same order with Paul Monks and Scott Jeffs completing the top five.

Heat two was extremely close once again as Allnutt battled with Ogden but in the final laps it was Owen who was Allnutt’s closest rival with Monks and Joe Forsdyke third and fourth as Ogden faded to sixth.

Final one on Sunday saw Allnutt take his maiden win although he was pushed all the way by Ogden and an inspired Jeffs but as the action got even more frenetic it was Owen to snatched third and Forsdyke fourth with Jeffs a still highly creditable fifth.

Controversy surrounded the last lap of final two as Owen and Allnutt collided in the Dog-leg half a lap from home whilst battling in the midst of a furious gaggle. Owen had already recovered from an earlier clash as was Jeffs to fall to the back. Ogden led into the final corner but Forsdyke tried an audacious outside pass that resulted in Monks nipping through to snatch second behind the victorious Ogden. Simon Vercoe took fourth with Matt England fifth.

TKM Extreme, final 1 (22 laps) 1 Matthew Allnutt (Tonykart) 15m 50.140s; 2 James Ogden (Tonykart) +1.14s; 3 Tom Owen (Jade); 4 Joe Forsdyke (Tal-Ko); 5 Scott Jeffs (Jade); 6 Paul Monks (Tonykat).

TKM Extreme, final 2 (22 laps) 1 Ogden 15m 57.330s; 2 Monks +0.08s; 3 Forsdyke; 4 Simon Vercoe (Tal Ko); 5 Matt England (Tal-Ko); 6 John Hogan (Tonykart).

KZ1 MSA British Kart Championship

Scott Allen (Chris Walker/

Scott Allen (Chris Walker/

Henry Easthope was crowned the 2014 MSA British Senior Short Circuit Karting Champion as the KZ1 class concluded their season.

Easthope had all but secured the title following the most recent round of the championship at Larkhall but had to race under the new Super One regulations: “To qualify for a top three position in the championship a driver must have competed fully in all rounds, unless written permission is given for absence by the series co-ordinator which would only be given in exceptional extenuating circumstances.”

Sam Webster and Scott Allen shared the two victories with Webster doing a sterling job of holding Allen off in final one with Denis Gorman completing the podium. Although Allen was within a kart’s length all through he just didn’t have the pace to pass.

However Webster’s dreams of taking third place in the final standings turned sour when his chain broke on the rolling lap as he tried a dummy start, leaving pole position empty and Webster’s day over. This gave Easthope’s teammate Jamie Garvie an invitation to snatch the lead from the second row of the grid with Allen a close second. Soon after Allen had taken the lead, the mechanical attrition wasn’t over as Garvie’s kart faltered on lap four when his engine came loose. Garvie spent two laps fixing the problem before continuing, by which time Allen, Gorman and Easthope were comfortably ahead.

The drama continued as with second place virtually in the bag Gorman coasted to a halt when his fuel pump fell off, leaving Allen clear to take his fifth win of the year and handing Easthope second place on a silver platter. John Pike completed the podium with Will van Es fourth. Webster’s retirement meant he finished the season just seven points behind van Es in fourth place overall in the championship. “It was a very hard race as the pack were on my bumper for the first 13 minutes, then I started to edge away after Denis stopped and held up Henry slightly,” said a happy Allen, who has clinched the vice-champion spot.

KZ1, final 1 (27 laps) 1 Sam Webster (ART) 15m 59.500s; 2 Scott Allen (Jade) +0.53s; 3 Denis Gorman (Maranello); 4 Jamie Garvie (Sodi) 5 Henry Easthope (Sodi); 6 John Pike (TB Kart).

KZ1, final 2 (27 laps) 1 Allen 16m 02.810s; 2 Easthope +1.44s; 3 Pike; 4 Will van Es (Tonykart); 5 Jonny Buchanan (Energy); 6 Ryan Sharp (Tonykart) .


BT82 port irregularities discovered at the TKM Festival

Originally published on

During the course of checks at the TKM Festival we have become aware of a small number of barrels in use which have had modifications made to the ports in the cylinder liner. This is strictly illegal.

As far as we can see all of these illegal barrels have been through the hands of one particular engine builder and investigations are continuing to confirm the source of this illegal work. It could result in legal action.

In the meantime we encourage all competitors to check the legality of their engines to ensure they have not been tampered with in this way.

The modification is to the exhaust port height where the top of the port is angled and raised which takes it to the maximum permitted size or over. No engines have ever been made with exhaust ports to this maximum permitted size or angled.

It is also clear that in some cases the liner has been removed from the barrel to achieve this. The rules specifically say there must be no modifying of the barrel & liner and that the liner must not be removed. We can tell if it has been removed.

Special checks will be made at this weekend’s Super One round at Rissington and aside from that any owner who is concerned about their engine is welcome to take it to Tal-Ko for a confidential check.

Said Alan Turney of Tal-Ko: ”We have found no more illegally modified pistons but in the course of careful checking we did identify this second illegal modification. In both cases the name of the same engine builder keeps cropping up.

“We will do everything we can to stamp this out immediately and are working closely with all scrutineer’s both at championship and club level.

We have a zero tolerance to cheating for the benefit of everyone in the TKM classes and the sport.”


Reaction to the MSA’s move to allow 15 year olds in single-seaters

The announcement has caused quite a stir with most people experienced in karting taking a negative view.

From DSG Racing and Karting1:

Nicky Taylor:

Tim Taylor, with lots of comments:


MSA to allow 15-year-old car racers next year

Minimum age for drivers reduced to 15 in certain circumstances


Motor Sports Council has approved new Circuit Racing regulations regarding the minimum age for competitors in single-seater championships, as follows:

(Q)3.5. A Single Seater Championship may make application to the MSA to accept registrations from Drivers who have achieved their 15th birthday subject to the Driver being the current holder of an International ‘C’ Kart licence, as a minimum, and that the eligible vehicles:
(a) have a Weight/Power ratio greater than 3 kg/hp, and
(b) meet the current FIA Formula 3 (Article 275) or FIA Formula 4 (Article 274) crash test and safety requirements.

(Q)3.5.1. Competitors must satisfactorily complete the extended ARDS course specifically designed for Junior Car Racing.

(Q)3.5.2. The Competition Licence application must be endorsed and submitted to the MSA by the Championship Organising Club.

(Q)3.5.3. This Licence will be restricted to the permitted Championship and will be held by the Championship Organising Club.

(Q) This licence is not valid for any other event or discipline.

(Q)3.5.4. Once the driver reaches 16 years of age he is eligible to be issued an unrestricted Race National ‘B’ licence.

(Q) 9.1. Other than the provision of 3.4.4.and 3.5. a driver must have achieved his 16th birthday to participate in Car Racing.

Implementation: 1st January 2015


RACE REPORT: SSM Super One Rotax Series Round 4, GYG

Super One Rotax Series

After a month’s break the SSM Super One Series visited north Wales for the picturesque circuit of Glan y Gors. Following a dry day on Saturday for the heats, Sunday was punctuated by showers courtesy of the remnants of Hurricane Bertha.

Dean MacDonald took the second MiniMax final after the first winner Alex Quinn fell back and took a penalty. Tom Canning took the first of the Honda Cadet wins as Kiern Jewiss went off, he stormed back to win the second. In Junior and Senior Max Dave Wooder and Jack Bartholomew enjoyed double victories.



Jonathan Hoggard was quickest in timed qualifying and although Alex Quinn won both the heat, Hoggard lined up alongside for the first final.

Dean MacDonald sprung into the lead of that, battling with Adam Smalley and Quinn, losing out to the latter by a whisker on the last lap.

MacDonald took command of the second final, Quinn falling back to 12th after a penalty for an incident. That left Jonathan Hoggard as runner-up following a battle with Samuel Pooley, the latter pipped by Axel Charpentier.

Championship Standings: MacDonald 606; Quinn 591; Hoggard 552; Adam Smalley 520

Honda Cadet



Kiern Jewiss once again showed his never give up attitude after being spun to the back in the first final, yet winning the second. Although Dragan Pinsent topped timed qualifying his heats were not completely to plan with Tom Canning winning his two, and Jenson Butterfield the other.

So the first final grid line up was Canning, Butterfield, Keaton Samra, Jewiss and Pinsent. The latter leapfrogged to second behind Canning whilst Jewiss recovered to only 18th. But Jewiss was on a charge, reaching 8th on the first lap of the second final and soon mixing it with the leading group. Jenson Butterfield lost the lead running wide and falling to 22nd leaving Jewiss to scrap hard with Pinsent, then Myles Apps and Tom Canning when Pinsent fell back. Jewiss had a break at the end as Canning defended against Zak Rogers, Nicholas Reeves and Harry Thompson.

Championship Standings: Jewiss 532; Thompson 529; Apps 522; Canning 509

Junior Max


William Tregurtha, tenth in the points, was having a great run through the heats for the first final pole, although Jack McCarthy had been fastest in the time trials.

Unfortunately after Dave Wooder had grabbed the first final lead, Tregurtha had an off dropping him way back, to finish 11th. Wooder pulled 3.7s on Stuart Middleton, with Tom Gamble a further 9s in arrears for third.

Wooder had to battle a lot harder in the second final, having to overcome initial leader Sandy Mitchell then Jonathan Paylor and briefly Josh Skelton. Coming from the repechage last chance race Hugo Ellis reached 3rd but had to settle for 6th behind Paylor, Zak Fulk and Jack McCarthy after Tom Gamble established himself as nearest challenger to Wooder.

Championship Standings: Mitchell 591; Gamble 524; Skelton 516; Fulk 512

Senior Max


Another on a winning streak just now is Jack Bartholomew, although not doing so well in the heats, lining up fourth on the first final grid behind Josh Price with Luke Knott and Josh Collings on the front row. Price had been fastest in timed qualifying and won both his heats, with Luke Knott taking the other.

Bartholomew vaulted to the front, past Collings and Knott, with Joseph Reilly and Price fourth and fifth.

In the second final, Bartholomew gradually eased away from Collings as other contenders such as Price and Knott fell by the wayside. Scott Mackrell stormed up to third to beat Reilly and Adam Glear.

Championship Standings: Bartholomew 589; Reilly 549; Stewart 504; Glear 503