UPDATED: Easykart UK 2015 dates

These are provisional until 1st February.

  1. Shenington – 22nd March
  2. Three Sisters – 19th April
  3. Llandow – 10th May
  4. Rowrah – 31st May
  5. Clay Pigeon – 28th June
  6. Glan-Y-Gors – 19th July
  7. Whilton Mill – 6th September
  8. Buckmore Park – 27th September

Dates have been added to the Kartlink Calendar and you can view then on the Easykart site here.


SuperNationals moves for 2015

Since 2008, the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino has been the home of the largest karting event in the world – the Superkarts! USA SuperNationals. The 18th edition of this historic annual event will once again take place at the popular site in Las Vegas, on November 19–23, 2014, and will be the final race at the venue.

For 2015 and beyond, Superkarts! USA is thrilled to announce that they have secured a location directly on the Las Vegas Strip, one that will give the competitors and fans the true Vegas experience. On November 18–22, 2015, the 19th annual SKUSA SuperNationals will be held at the world-renowned Las Vegas Convention Center.

“We are beyond excited to begin early preparations for the new location for SuperNationals XIX,” stated Superkarts! USA CEO Tom Kutscher. “The Las Vegas Convention Center hosts some of the largest events in the world. The location is no stranger to motorsport and automotive events, regularly playing host to the SEMA and Motor Trend International Auto Show. The venue is substantially bigger and logistically accommodating, and will allow us to do things that we have been unable to do in the past.”

The Superkarts! USA SuperNationals were first held in 1997 at the Race Kart City Raceway, located just south of downtown Las Vegas directly alongside Interstate–15. For five straight years, the event was the national shifterkart championship event. In 2002, then SKUSA CEO Jim Murley relocated the event into the city thanks to a new connection with the popular Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino and this was a two-year stint on the hotel grounds. SKUSA then moved the event out to Sam Boyd Stadium on the eastern edge of the Las Vegas area from 2004 to 2007. Current SKUSA CEO Tom Kutscher was able to bring the growing event back to the Rio in 2008, where it has remained until next year in 2015, as the organization prepares a move to the Las Vegas Strip.

The parking lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) is at least 30% larger than the lots that are utilized at the Rio, allowing for more overall space to include the track and the paddock area. This could equate into more space to allow more teams and more entries in the future. Without any physical limitations built within the parking lot, Superkarts! USA will have the ability to more easily change the layout each year the SuperNationals returns to Las Vegas.

One major benefit with the move is a new partnership with the Riviera Hotel and Casino as the host hotel for the 2015 SKUSA SuperNationals. An iconic facility located on the Las Vegas Strip, the Riviera holds more than 2,000 hotel rooms, the R Steak & Seafood restaurant, Wicked Vicky Tavern, a 24-hour café and plenty of options in the large food court. The Riviera’s entertainment options include outstanding shows and performances nightly and the hotel features more than 100,000 square feet of casino space. Nightly rates will be very affordable and will be less than previous SuperNationals. Overall, the move will make the entire event more affordable for those participating or attending as a spectator.

While the 2014 SuperNationals will be the primary focus of the organization for the next two months, plans for the ’15 version are slowly being developed with the goal of making the 20th edition of the race the biggest and baddest event in the history of the sport. Stay tuned for all the exciting updates as they become confirmed.


UPDATED: 2014 Rotax Grand Finals teams

Here are the teams so far from the UK and Ireland for the Rotax Max Challenge Grand Finals. We think that’s everyone but will update if we find out more.



  • Sandy Mitchell (S1)
  • Dave Wooder (S1)
  • Dean MacDonald (Euromax)
  • Alex Quinn (Rotax International Open)


  • Joseph Reilly (S1)
  • Jack Bartholomew (S1)
  • Harry Webb (Euromax)
  • Guan Yu Zhou (Euromax)
  • Edward Brand (Euromax)
  • Josh Price (Rotax International Open)
  • Josh White (Rotax International Open)


  • Sean Babington (BNL)
  • Adam Glear (S1)
  • Jordon Lennox-Lamb (Euromax)
  • Shaun Slavin (Rotax International Open)



  • Shane Mullin


  • Gary Donnelly


  • Aaron Sherlock

DD2 Masters

  • Martin Pierce (Euromax)

Cadet & Bambino News Roundup No. 1


Press Releases

Super One dates announced


  1. 26th April – Rowrah
  2. 24th May – Llandow
  3. 14th June – Buckmore Park
  4. 28th June – GYG
  5. 12th July – Larkhall
  6. 13th September – Shenington
  7. 27th September – PFi


  1. 26th April – Rowrah
  2. 24th May – Llandow
  3. 12th July – Larkhall
  4. 9th August – Little Rissington
  5. 30th August – Whilton Mill
  6. 13th September – Shenington
  7. 27th September – PFi