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CIK-FIA European Championship, Alaharma on 23 July, 2017

British drivers at Alaharma Posted on July 24, 2017


RFM’s Jack Doohan took pole in OK-Junior and held on to the lead after the heats but was beaten by Jonny Edgar in the Final. Edgar is now leading the Championship by 24 points over Harry Thompson with a round to go, next weekend at Kristianstad in Sweden.

1st. Jonny Edgar (Forza, Exprit/TM) was 3rd in Qualifying then was 3rd in his first heat, won the next then was 3rd again. In the last heat on Sunday morning he was 2nd, putting him 3rd on the grid behind Thompson. Doohan held the lead at the start of the Final but Edgar fought him for most of the race before decisively taking the lead and going on to win.

3rd. Harry Thompson (RFM, Alonso/Vortex) was 2nd in Qualifying behind his team-mate Doohan. He won his first heat and was 3rd in the next, then on Sunday he won both heats to finish up a point behind Doohan and 2nd on the grid. He battled in the top five throughout then in the closing stages passed Doohan for 3rd.

19th. Chris Lulham (PSR, Tony/Parilla) was 15th in Qualifying then 9th, 7th and 7th. He was 10th in the Intermediate classification but in the Final he dropped to the back of the pack after making a good start, although he did set the fastest lap. He is now 5th in the Championship.

20th. Dexter Patterson (Forza, Exprit/TM) didn’t set a time in Qualifying but in his first heat moved up to 6th with the fastest lap. He was 14th in his next one then on Sunday morning he was 12th and 11th, putting him 22nd on the Final grid. He dropped to the back at the start but gained places through attrition and a few overtakes.

Zak O’Sullivan (RFM, Alonso/Vortex) was 9th in Qualifying then had problems in his first and second heats before winning his next heat. However, on Sunday he had another bad one and didn’t reach the Final.


KSM Schumacher driver Paavo Tonteri took pole in OK but reigning Champion Pedro Hiltbrand was the leader of the Intermediate classification. RFM’s Sami Taoufik took the lead from 7th on the grid in the Final and went on to win by 0.875s from Pavel Bulantsev. Taoufik now leads the Championship by eight points from Hiltbrand, with just next weekend’s Swedish round to go.

11th. Callum Bradshaw (CRG, CRG/Parilla) was 4th in the first Qualifying session, putting him 14th overall. In his first heat he finished 19th after a penalty. He was 4th in the next and won his last heat of Saturday. An 11th on Sunday morning put him 15th on the Final grid where he ran as high as 6th before dropping back towards the end.

13th. Fin Kenneally (Baby Race, Tony/Vortex) was 28th overall in Qualifying, and 10th, 10th, 14th and 4th in his heats to take 19th in the Intermediate Classification. He moved up to 9th in the Final before dropping to 13th, still a gain of six positions.

14th. Tom Joyner (Chiesa Corse, Zanardi/Parilla) qualified 39th overall and was 8th, 12th and 9th in his heats on Saturday and 13th on Sunday. In the Final he started 23rd and moved up nine places.


All on Exprit/Vortex

Brazil’s Francisco Porto D. Melo dominated the last round of the series but Belgium’s Xavier Handsaeme has wrapped up the Trophy by 14 points from Tijmen van der Helm from Holland.

Joseph Taylor qualified 8th then was 15th in his first heat and 7th with the fastest lap in the next. He was 2nd in his last heat which put him 13th on the Final grid. He gradually came through to finish 9th.

Alexander Simmonds qualified down in 40th then was 11th, 12th and xxx in his heats, then retired from the Final after starting 21st.

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