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CIK-FIA European Championship, Kristianstad on 30 July, 2017

British Drivers at Kristianstad: Edgar wins the title! Posted on July 31, 2017

Jonny Edgar secured the OK-Junior title over Harry Thompson at the last round of the European Championship which took place at Kristianstad in Sweden, while Fin Kenneally was the race winner in OK.

The weather was changeable, with some heats taking place in the rain, and rain forecast for the Finals which started at 13:45 local time on Sunday. There was a storm just before the start of the Finals which meant the OK-Junior Final took place on a drying track.

It was just a week after the previous round for OK and OK-Junior, which had been at Alaharma in neighbouring Finland. Jonny Edgar went into the event as the Championship leader in OK-Junior with Harry Thompson 2nd, and in OK RFM’s Moroccan driver Sami Taoufik was the leader and went home with the Champion’s trophy.

There were no British drivers in the gearbox classes KZ or KZ2. The KZ Championship had been wrapped up a round early in favour of Paolo De Conto and it only had 11 entries, leading to fears that it may be all over for the professional class after this year. Patrik Hajek won the KZ Final and took 2nd in the Championship, while Adrien Renaudin won on a wet track in KZ2 and Leon Kohler took the title.


Championship leader Jonny Edgar (Forza, Exprit/TM) was 2nd in the first Qualifying session and then 2nd overall behind Germany’s Hugo Sasse. He was 3rd in his first heat and was careful on Saturday, scoring two more 3rd places. On Sunday he won his last heat, putting him 3rd on the Final grid. In the race he took 2nd behind Doohan just after halfway, then was demoted to 4th after a dropped spoiler penalty, but he was still able to confirm his European title.

Harry Thompson (RFM, Alonso/Vortex) was 5th in the first Qualifying session and 7th overall then won his first heat on Friday evening. On Saturday he won his two heats with one left for Sunday morning, where he was 6th. In the Final he took 2nd straight away behind Doohan  before Edgar passed later in the race, but he regained 2nd after Edgar’s penalty. Thompson finished 2nd in the Championship, 14 points behind Edgar.

Chris Lulham (PSR, Tony/Parilla) was the only Brit in the second session where he finished up 3rd and was 8th overall. He moved up to 2nd in his first heat then was 6th and 3rd on Saturday. On Sunday he was 12th, putting him 9th in the Intermediate classification, and he went on to finish 7th in the Final, 6th in the Championship.

Zak O’Sullivan (RFM, Alonso/Vortex) was 3rd in the first Qualifying session behind Edgar and 3rd overall, then was 4th in his first heat. On Saturday he was 2nd and 24th (bumper penalty) then on Sunday he was 5th, putting him 24th on the grid for the Final. He was 10th, and finished 13th in the Championship.

Dexter Patterson (Forza, Exprit/TM) was 4th in the first Qualifying session and 5th overall, then 7th in his first heat. On Saturday he took two 2nds and a 9th and was finished until the Final, and after all the heats were completed ended up 7th. He came off early on in the Final and didn’t finish.


Finlay Kenneally (Baby Race, Tony/Vortex) qualified 3rd in his session and ended up 6th overall after posting an equal time with Dennis Hauger. In his heats he won and took 2nd twice on Saturday, then took pole for the Final with 2nd on Sunday morning. Swedish driver Noah Millel was his closest rival. He led all the way in the Final on a drying track with Karol Basz getting closer at times but never really threatening, and moved up to 5th in the Championship.

Callum Bradshaw (CRG, CRG/Parilla) was 4th in his Qualifying session then posted three 7th places in his first three heats then a 10th in his last one to start 15th on the grid for the Final.

Tom Joyner (Chiesa Corse, Zanardi/Parilla) was 21st in Qualifying and received bumper penalties in his first two heats then took a 4th on Saturday evening. 11th on Sunday morning put him 30th on the Final grid, where he gained 15 places.

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