UK & International Karting News

How the international age limit changes affect the UK

The CIK World Council has approved a change of the minimum age for junior international racing as year of 12th birthday (e.g. it could be from 11 years and a day) and for Seniors the year of 14th birthday (e.g. could be 13 years and a day) subject to a medical test pass, a minimum driver weight, and a letter of approval from their ASN.

Class technical changes for 2017

Next year’s class technical changes have been announced by the ABkC steering group, including for Honda Cadet and Rotax. In addition it sounds like the proposed Intermediate class is being reconsidered.

O and E Plate venues announced

The ABkC steering committee welcomed guests from clubs putting forward bids for the ABkC O Plates and the MSA E Plate meetings. After the club’s presentations a secret vote was taken and the results announced as follows.

ABkC future to be debated

The October ABkC Steering Group meeting had a wide-ranging discussion on how the Constitution and membership of the group should be changed in order to modernise the association. It should be re-organised to better represent the member clubs and give them an easier say on the deliberations and votes.