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Kartcom News No.27 out now

In Europe, October is traditionally the month of the major international meetings of the one-make cups, a situation reinforced this year by running the Rotax Grand Final one month earlier than usual.

Kartcom News No. 26 out now!

The 26th issue of France-based online magazine Kartcom News has been released, with both French and English coverage and commentary on current karting events and issues. Download it here or read online here.

Kartcom News No. 22 out now!

With the start of the major national championships and the first CIK-FIA European races, the 2016 season is back in the thick of it. The entries are unfortunately quite limited overall, although young drivers have been attracted by the new OK-Junior category that shows very interesting figures....

Kartcom News No. 21 out now

With the sun, the race is more beautiful. Undeniably, the last two meetings of the WSK Super Master Series or the X30 Challenge Europa took advantage of the beautiful Italian weather to secure their success. With rising temperatures sometimes changing the hierarchy, as we saw at La...

Kartcom News No. 20 out now!

Kartcom has published the 20th edition of Kartcom News, packed with interviews, opinions and race reports from the early season races in both French and English.

Kartcom News No.19 out now

Is 2016 a key year? This is what we can see from the trends of the season that has just started. The OK and OK-Junior engines have been in the spotlight of the small world of karting, for a long time. Apologies in advance to those are...

Kartcom News No. 17 out now

It’s hard not to mention above all the wave of heinous attacks that France experienced on Black Friday, November 13th, 2015. But in this formidable challenge, we were comforted in general as well as in the small world of karting, by the courage and dignity of some...

Kartcom News No. 14 online now!

It’s difficult to say that the KF engine generation was successful for karting. Since their introduction in 2007, international entries have continued to decline, while the CIK categories have disappeared from many national championships. Certainly, attitudes have changed greatly during this period, other deals that are more...