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Hodgson and York crush the X30 opposition

X30 Senior wasn’t a particularly action-packed race but was a demonstration of Oliver Hodgson’s superiority at present, while in Juniors Oliver York was challenged a bit more but still came out on top. X30 Senior Oliver Hodgson took pole ahead of Joshua Thompson and Matt Davies out...

Thompson wins despite stiff opposition at Kimbolton

The second round of the LGM series saw a win for O Plate holder Harry Thompson who kept his head throughout the intense Cadet pack racing. 46 drivers entered at the Kimbolton event which was combined with Super 4 but wasn’t a Kimbolton club meeting.



Kimbolton is a 989.5m long (958m for gearbox karts) track in Cambridgeshire, first built in 1959. It’s used for championships like Super 4 and LGM and hosts the TKM Festival, along with club meetings on the second weekend of the month.