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Dino Chiesa leaves Zanardi and CRG September 29, 2017

The Italian company announced:

The collaboration between CRG SpA and Dino Chiesa ends after 25 years of successful projects together. The new homologation round valid for 2018-2020 will see Zanardi Kart adopting a new technical structure directly under CRG, that will manage racing team and sales network.

Zanardi is of course the new World Champion manufacturer after last week’s sensational win at the hands of Danny Keirle.

Chiesa will be working with a new manufacturer under an as-yet unknown brand, but there is a rumour that it will be a manufacturer that he has worked with before.

We don’t know what will happen with the drivers (regulars Tom Joyner, Lorenzo Travisanutto plus Keirle) although Travisanutto is racing at Le Mans this weekend with CRG.

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